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Who was John McAfee? - His Success And Failures

McAfee, the world-famous antivirus software, was created and invented by John McAfee. He was a professional British-American computer programmer and businessman who ran for President of the United States in the years 2016 and 2020.

John McAfee was born in the U.S. Army stationed in the United Kingdom on September 18, 1945. His father was serving as a soldier in the US Army during the World War II period when he first met his mother. After retiring from the Army his father worked as a road surveyor. At a young age, John's family moved to Virginia. He had a miserable childhood, his father was abusive and was addicted to alcohol. John was 15 years old when his father shot himself dead.

John wasn't able to move on with the incident as a result he indulged himself in awful habits like drugs and consuming alcohol.

All About His Career

He was a brilliant child so he managed to outshine academically despite all the addictions in life. Have a look at all his accidents in life:

  • He completed his bachelor's degree in mathematics from Roanoke College in Virginia in the year 1967

  • He went on to do his PhD mathematics from the Heart State Louisiana State College. He was later expelled due to relationship with an undergraduate student, who became his first wife

  • He managed to find a job and worked as a programmer at the NASA's Institute for Space Studies in New York City, 1968.

  • He worked there for a few years and then moved to Univac as a software engineer

  • In 1970, he also got employed by Xerox as an operating system architect and wedded as a corporate consultant in a computer sciences corporation in 1978.

  • In 1983 due to his terrible drinking and drug habits, he was fired from one, and likewise, people would be able to see a drastic change in his life.

  • Soon after this incident he joined Alcoholics Anonymous and became sombre.

  • His career took a dramatic turn when he started working with Lockheed Martin. Here he worked on a classified voice recognition program. He acquired knowledge about self-replicating code that is designed to copy onto any floppy disk that was inserted into affected computers. A code like that went on to be called a virus.

  • Further, he went on in his career in pursuing his own computer virus company, McAfee Associates from the year 1987 onwards

All About McAfee's Company

John David McAfee, who was a British businessman, American computer programmer, and two times presidential candidate. In 1989 he decided to quit his job at Lockheed as he wanted to dedicate all this precious time to his fast-growing business Mcafee and later the company became a multi-million dollar business. However, John found another Tribal voice company in the 1990s, a company that developed an instant messaging program called - PowWow at the same time as other successful business ventures including QuorumEx and Future Tense General.

As you know, McAfee Crop is previously known as McAfee Associates, Inc. In 1994 John left the business and decided to sell off his remaining stake in the company. In late 2010 Intel announced the decision to purchase McAfee. The purchase was completed in February 2011, and McAfee became a part of Intel Security Group.

It has been a relatively vital company in the cybersecurity ecosystem. Although it has gone through a lot of peaks and fuzzes when talking about customer satisfaction and trust in the product. McAfee decided to rebuild the company in 2006 with the motto of combining both old and new products into an overall threat management framework.

His Final Time And Death

John McAfee, the creator of the McAfee antivirus, was found dead in the prison cell. His wife is not able to believe as she mentioned that he didn't show any sign of suicide when she last had a word with him few hours before his death. The officials claim that everything found in the event of death gives a sight of suicide only. McAfee’s wife also said that his last words said were "I love you and will call you in the evening" Janice has contended that his health is a consequence of politically motivated charges and she blames the US authority for this awful tragedy.

Personal Life Of John McAfee

John McAfee had a very colourful and happening personal life. He was married thrice. His first wife, named Circa, was an undergraduate student when she first met John. Whereas, in 1968, John was working for a doctorate at the northeast Louisiana State college. Their relationship resulted in his suspension from the college. In 1987, he married his second wife Judy, who was a retired flight attendant at American Airlines.

Then later in 2002, they got divorced. In 2012, John hired a prostitute on the night after McAfee hit in the United States. The name of this prostitute was Janice Dyson. They later started a relationship and got married in 2013. In the very same year, 2013, John and Janice then moved to Portland, Oregon.

In an interview, Janice had claimed that, in the initial years of her relationship with John, she was forced to render information about everything that John was doing. Also, she was given the instructions to kill John by putting poison in his food.

She also unveiled that she was frightened to counteract the criminals, so she didn't tell McAfee what was going on. However, John McAfee somehow figured out what was happening with her wife. So, the couple left to live on a yacht to evade criminal elements.

Legal Disputes Faced By John McAfee

In 2019, at the call by the United States Department of Justice, Spanish authorities arrested John McAfee on his yacht on the allegations of invading the country with several dangerous weapons and ammunition types of equipment. However, he was released within four days.

In 2020, he was accused by the US government of evading millions of dollars of taxes. He accepted this crime that he had intentionally not filed taxes in eight years on the income he earned between 2014 to 2018.

The US Department of Justice also accused John of earning alleged income by the promotion of consulting work, cryptocurrencies, speaking engagements, and selling the rights to his life story for a documentary and has bluntly avoided taxes using diverse distinctive schemes.

Then finally in March 2021, McAfee was charged by the federal court for committing several securities frauds relating to cryptocurrencies and money laundering.

Final Time Of John McAfee

McAfee had never shown any signs of breakdown or suicidal behaviour in his entire tenure of imprisonment. Also, he was always very disciplined and never caused any trouble while he was in the cell but instead, he was supposed to be living a normal life even as a prisoner.

On Wednesday morning, McAfee was informed that the High Court passed the decision of surrendering John to the US authorities at the request of their jurisdiction. There wasn't even a single argument in favour of John McAfee. The major pleas of which included declaring that he was being intentionally politically oppressed for his activism against the US tax system, which he contemplated to be contaminated.

When McAfee was handed over the decision of the court, at 4 pm he asked if he wanted to spend some time alone in his cell, which he generally shared with another convict. It is a right in the prisons of Spain which allows the prisoners to have their time when they do not have any activities in the afternoon. So, the cell of the antivirus software creator, John McAfee, remained closed for the time that he wanted to be alone. Then, as per the resources, when the prison workers came back to the cell after 6 pm, they found him hanging.


From boyhood until old age, John McAfee had to deal with a lot of difficulties. He was successful, but not to the extent that he deserved. He lost his father at a young age and subsequently became enslaved to a variety of bad addictions. He managed to do pretty well in his studies notwithstanding and had a variety of occupations in many genres, eventually deciding to create his own firm, although he met a lot of hustle-bustle since then, till his last breath behind bars.


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