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The RANt Group and rThreat announce partnership to offer Proactive Breach and Attack Emulation

The RANt Group Limited, today announced that the company has signed a partnership agreement with rThreat. This strategic partnership will deliver breach and attack emulation solutions to help clients prevent cyberattacks.

London, United Kingdom, May 13, 2021 ( - Vlad Botic, Co-Founder of The RANt Group commented, “We’re very excited to announce the partnership with rThreat today. Companies are spending millions of dollars on cyber defenses and yet the seemingly inexorable rise of cybersecurity incidents continues unabated. Something is not right. It’s time for those responsible for the cybersecurity posture of their businesses to be more proactive. We enable organizations to achieve a Permanent State of Readiness. This means they will be as ready as they can be for the next cyber incident. The rThreat capability is the perfect force-multiplier to allow us to deliver on that statement. The ability to emulate the consequences of real malware infections in a controlled manner within your networks and endpoints is the only way to truly validate your investment in your cyber defense strategy.”

Hugo Sanchez, CEO and Co-Founder of rThreat stated, “rThreat is a growing company looking to strategically serve customers in different global regions. The RANt Group is the perfect partner to help deliver unmatched breach and attack emulation services to European and Middle Eastern customers given their impressive portfolio of managed security and advisory services. We believe our next-generation BAE technology will amplify The RANt Group’s offerings and give them a strong competitive edge that very few companies possess; the ability to challenge customer defenses using custom and forced zero-day threats that reflect the true attack methodologies seen in sophisticated cyber-attacks. rThreat’s goal is to help our customers Defend Forward, and we are proud to work with The RANt Group to help their customers achieve this same goal through a Permanent State of Readiness.”

About rThreat Inc.

rThreat’s mission is to help clients prevent cyber-attacks both known and, most importantly, unknown. rThreat is the first company to make available to its clients real known and unknown zero-day artifacts for the measurement and validation of cybersecurity solutions.

rThreat was born in response to the need to pragmatically evaluate an organization’s security posture against potential attacks and security breaches with zero-day artifacts. As a result, rThreat has developed a scalable platform with the latest technologies capable of providing an authentic testing environment that can be used in real-time to evaluate the security posture of its clients. rThreat’s next-generation breach and attack emulation technology will be a great addition to the unmatched quality of services that The RANt Group offers their customer base. For more information, please visit us at

About The RANt Group

Established in 2018, The RANt Group takes an innovative approach to enable businesses to adopt a proactive approach to cyber-threats. Using The OAT Principle®, (Outcome-driven, Advisory-led, Technology enabled), The RANt Group enables organizations to achieve a Permanent State of Readiness. This means they partner with leading vendors and service-providers who share the vision of enabling a proactive approach to a cyber-defense strategy.

For more information, visit the Company's website at

The RANt Group Contact

Richard Neale

Head of Cybersecurity Practice

+44 7974-423-446

rThreat Contact:

Daniela Applegate

VP of Marketing



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