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LaMarcus Aldridge agrees to part ways with San Antonio Spurs

Reported by USA Today, LaMarcus Aldridge won’t play another game for the San Antonio Spurs this season.

“We’ve mutually agreed for him to work out some opportunities for him, and that’ll be elsewhere,” Spurs coach Gregg Popovich told USA Today reporters before Wednesday’s game against Dallas. “He’s been a great teammate. There was no problem there. We just think this is a win-win for LaMarcus and the club. So, when an opportunity arises, that’ll be up to management, his agent, that sort of thing. We’ll all move forward.”

It was further reported that “He (LaMarcus Alridge) has done everything we’ve asked, and at this point, we’d just like to do something that will work for him as much for our club because he deserves that.”

March 25th is the trade deadline, and if the Spurs can’t find a trade partner, the two sides will work on a buyout. The Spurs want to find Aldridge, a team for which he wants to play for.

USA Today reports that the Spurs are normally quiet at the trade deadline, but they are trying to do what’s best for Aldridge who signed with San Antonio during free agency in 2015.

Aldridge is a seven-time All-Star but has a diminished role with the Spurs this season as Popovich gives more consideration to center Jacob Poeltl. Just before the All-Star break, Popovich moved Aldridge to a reserve role for the first time since Aldridge’s rookie season in 2006-07.

Aldridge, who has dealt with illness and various injuries this season, has played in 21 of San Antonio’s 32 games and averages 13.7 points and 4.5 rebounds in 25.9 minutes per game. Those are his lowest numbers since his rookie season.

This gives the Spurs a chance to give more minutes to not only Poeltl but second-year forward Luka Samanic, sixth-year forward Trey Lyles and third-year center Drew Eubanks.

San Antonio is 18-14 and in seventh place in the Western Conference.

For further information, visit USA Today.


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