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Best Europe Fintech (Financial Tech) Startups In 2021

Europe is at the pinnacle of evolving financial technology-driven, mainly by the new active hubs in Berlin and London, which are also centralized by the financial hub of the most famous cities of Frankfurt and London. As a result, it is due to the innovation taking place within the continents and more. Therefore let's check out some of the top emerging Fintech companies offered by Europe.

Check Out The Best European Fintech Startups

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Follow up with the exceptional European fintech startups with their in-depth Information.

It was founded in 2020, Paris and managed to make up €9 million already. Pennylane put forward a full-stack financial OS for the SEM's, whereas the services can be used by the entrepreneurs and with their accountants more simply. Entrepreneurs will utilize it for obtaining all the financial litigations required to run the business and by the accountants primarily for bookkeeping and fiscal declarations. Moreover, customers are also benefited as they can use it for any financial data.

Vivid is yet another successful startup founded in 2020 providing its customers with the best mobile banking service and an outstanding investing platform ( digitally). All these features are available in a single app. Its headquarter is located in Berlin and has successfully raised € 75 million in funding. In addition, this app permits its users to make payments, multi-currency accounts for travels, transfers, split bills and also gives you a great opportunity to invest in international stocks - ETFs and Crypto.

Headquatered in London, Soldo is a financial technology (fintech) company that provides a multi-user expense management platform for businesses. Soldo's platform is designed to simplify and streamline the entire business expense cycle, offering a range of features to help companies manage their expenses more efficiently. It integrates prepaid Mastercard cards, a web-based administration console, and a mobile app into one intuitive future-ready platform.

Primer is a London-based Fintech startup that developed a payment ecosystem, and the significant feature is that it optimizes front and back-end flows. The motive behind this startup is to allow e-commerce merchants with online payments facilitators to strengthen their payment services which improve customer relationships. It helps to not connect their payment stack services by any third party like - fraud providers, payment services providers, subscription billing engines, etc. Also, it was founded back in 2020, and growing rapidly, it had secured up to € 20.7 million in financial banking.


Moss came into the picture in 2019. It is a payment with a credit card platform for SEM's, which is looking forward to upgrading the efficiency by digital workflow. It provides customers with digital account management, automated accounting services, smart corporate credit cards, etc. Moss has its headquarters in Berlin, and most importantly, this startup brought up around €21 million in venture capital.

Zilch was established in 2017 and has secured around € 98.7 million. This startup works on the philosophy of "buy now, pay later" and imposes enormous constraints regarding their money and makes life more convenient and manageable. It is also a London-based startup with no interest, without any fees, zero surprises, and will soon be the most promising way to pay over time. In addition, Zilch provides many benefits including, a platform to trace their purchases, making sure about a clear view of the finances and payment timelines.

We fox has also considered the safety of data to be at the topmost priority. Digital Insurance Fox was in the process of spreading awareness in the industry about data safety. The We Fox group was established in 2017 with twin businesses- We Fox and ONE. The companies' motive was to provide consumer transparency, so it strictly adhered to the highest data privacy requirements in the industry and followed the lines of the data revolution. It challenges the current status and puts forth questions for the insurance companies to protect an individual's rights.

FinLeap is working towards becoming the company builder for fintech champions. Fintech is all about developing technology-driven companies for -

  • banking industries

  • Insurance industries

  • Asset management industries.

It aims to achieve expertise in the field of satisfying consumers' financial needs and providing business solutions to customer groups.

Friday is the full-service car insurer founded and established in Feb 2016. It received immense support from the Swiss insurer Baloise Group. It provides the innovative type of coverage paid by km and the first monthly cancellable car insurance product. The pay-per-kilometre motor insurance provides high-quality flexibility to drivers in the German market.

Anyfin came into force in 2017. It planned to help several consumers refinance their loans by lowering down the interest rates. The consumers simply have to click a photo of their loan statement and send it to Anyfin via any channel they like, and the company responds with an alternative to refinancing the loan at a better price. In the field of technological development, credit development, and risk assessment, it has gained over 20 years of experience. With all its hard work, today it has successfully been able to specialize in-

  • design and programming

  • Credit counselling

  • Artificial intelligence

Ledger is an effort towards being a unique digital security ecosystem. Ledger is a completely trustworthy and reliable software whose motive is to provide protection. Since trust requires transparency in the working of the systems to avoid chaos and conflicts, the ledger has been kept in mind to provide transparency into how their technology works. It has proved to be very successfully excellent to them and has attracted much more customers.

In addition, the ledger has a solid team contribution made up of world-class experts with extensive experiences in the protection and smartcard industries that continuously look for

frangibility. The efforts of the ledger in analyzing and improving the security have made it win customer reliance and trust in the technology solutions it provides.


The above listed are some of the best Fintech startups with top-notch abilities and services in Europe. These startups play an extraordinary influence on the finance core to benefit the users in definite areas. These startups have turned out to achieve little milestones in a reasonably shorter time. However, Europe is known to be the most popular continent when talking about the fintech industry as it has much more to offer. Endless new startups are emerging with their unique expertise and peculiarities to provide a hand to the consumers in every aspect of life, and being responsible and aware consumers, we shall have the knowledge and information for it all.


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