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10 Cybersecurity Influencers You Should Be Following On Social Media

Social media has become a wire for top cybersecurity influencers, and these straightforward and easy-to-use platforms are something that everyone should use. If you are a cybersecurity geek yourself, then we suggest you remain involved in order to stay updated with your current cybersecurity trends/ updates and become a cybersecurity influencer yourself.

Following the right cybersecurity influencers on social media will provide you with a wealth of information about industry trends, recent technology, tips, and advice, as well as opportunities to engage with notable key influencers. Take a look at a few cybersecurity influencers who are breaking new ground in the industry:

  1. Mikko Hypponen

  2. Bill Brenner

  3. Ashkan Soltani

  4. Eugene Kaspersky

  5. Katie Moussouris

  6. Jérôme Segura

  7. Dave Shackleford

  8. Raj Samani

  9. Adrian Sanabria

  10. Kevin Mitnick

Mikko Hypponen- Mikko is best known for his three amazing Ted Talks, the most famous of which was his talk on Combating Viruses, Securing the Net. Mikko is the Chief Research Officer at F-Secure Corporation in Finland. The F-Secure team has successfully navigated some of the world's most dangerous computer virus outbreaks. Mikko was also recognized for his efforts in 2010 when he was awarded the Virus Bulletin Award for Best Instructor in the Anti-Malware industry. Mikko has spent nearly 30 years at F-Secure as a cyber sleuth, discovering viruses and removing a slew of cybercriminals. When he's not chasing down malware and the people who created it, he's being asked for his opinion on security. Hypponen has given several Ted Talks, worked as a news correspondent for InfoSec, and authored numerous articles on cyber-related topics.

Twitter: @mikko

LinkedIn: Mikko Hypponen

Bill Brenner- Bill is a cybersecurity veteran, a well-respected journalist, and has spent decades developing Information Security communities. He is currently the Director of Research at IANS and also writes a fantastic blog at about information security and a variety of other topics. Brenner began his career in reporting before turning to technology and security content. He's worked with some of the most well-known tech blogs and security firms on the internet as an editor and chief content strategist. Bill has positioned InfoSec content nearly everywhere it is needed. Brenner also shares his security knowledge via his active Twitter account.

LinkedIn: Bill Brenner

Ashkan Soltani- Ashkan is a well-respected Influencer with a long list of achievements. Co-Founder, Investigative Reporter, Chief Technologist for the Federal Trade Commission, and also Former Senior Advisor to the Chief Technology Officer at the White House are only a few of his accomplishments. At the moment, he's working at Soltani LLC on a research and consulting project. His Twitter feed is full of up-to-date information, valuable observations, and interesting retweets to peruse for analysis.

Twitter: @ashk4n

LinkedIn: Ashkan Soltani

Eugene Kaspersky- Eugene Kaspersky was born in Russia and, interestingly, stumbled into cybersecurity. He used his expertise and technical skillset from his time as a cryptographer to delete the virus from his computer when it was infected with the 'Cascade' virus in 1989. The 'bug' for cybersecurity never left him once he got it. He has been actively fighting malware in all of its types since 1989. In reality, in 1994, he and his team of researchers at the University of Hamburg claimed to have developed the world's best anti-virus software. Eugene is now the CEO of 'Kaspersky,' a company he created in 1997 with his trusted team of researchers. As you would expect, it's been a massive success, with the Kaspersky Lab now working in over 200 countries around the world. Eugene Kaspersky is a security specialist who has been around for a long time. His surname is linked to high-end security tools. He is based in Moscow, but he is seldom seen there. He's a world traveler, prolific writer, and skier in addition to being an InfoSec influencer.

Twitter: @e_kaspersky

Katie Moussouris- Katie was helpful in the formation of 'Hack the Pentagon,' the government's first bug bounty program, as chief policy officer for vulnerability disclosure firm HackerOne. Katie then went on to do 'Hack the Air Force.' She continues to assist governments and organizations with vulnerability disclosure and bug bounty initiatives as the CEO of start-up Luta Security. Katie Moussouris is an entrepreneur and expert on security bugs and bug bounty schemes. Katie is the person an organization would call if they want to find out where they're vulnerable by making someone attempt to hack them.

Twitter: @k8em0

Jérôme Segura- Jérôme has over a decade of experience in the information security sector, and he specializes in web threats such as ransomware, online fraud, and other malicious Internet crimes. Segura is one of the most active security bloggers today, and his writings can be found on the Malwarebytes site. Jérôme is often in the press, as he is asked to make appearances and comment on security issues. His specialties include malware analysis, threat intelligence, exploit kits, malvertising, CMS security, web skimming, tech support scams.

Twitter: @jeromesegura

LinkedIn: Jérôme Segura

Dave Shackleford- Being a security specialist is extremely beneficial. The ability to put practices and resources in place that keep data secure is in great demand. The opportunity to educate others about these InfoSec topics is even more significant. Dave Shackleford is experienced in many aspects of security and enjoys guiding others. He attends SANS and IANS activities regularly. Shackleford is active on Twitter, where he shares his knowledge as well as his personality. Dave is an author, SANS analyst, and senior teacher, but as the founder of Voodoo Security, he spends the majority of his time assisting businesses. Among their many programs, Voodoo specializes in risk assessments and compliance reviews.

Raj Samani- Raj is currently the Chief Scientist at McAfee and has been inducted into the Infosecurity Europe Hall of Fame, the Peter Szor Award, and the Intel Achievement Award for his contributions to the cybersecurity industry. Raj is also a co-author of 'Applied Cyber Security and the Smart Grid' and 'CSA Guide to Cloud Computing.' His work has earned him a Twitter following of over 11,000 people.

Twitter: @Raj_Samani

LinkedIn: Raj Samani

Adrian Sanabria- Adrian is a cybersecurity veteran and the Co-Founder of Savage Security, an InfoSec security consulting firm that makes all of its "successful, validated testing" available for free to everyone who wants it. Sanabria is also the organizer of BSides Knoxville, a conference that discusses security concerns both directly and indirectly. You can join him on Twitter or catch up with him at one of his many speaking engagements if you're interested in hearing what he has to say. "Learning by constructing and doing" is Adrian's philosophy. He is the founder of BSides Knoxville, a consultant for AdvisoryCloud and OpCode 41 Defense, and a Thinkst Applied Research advocate. Adrian's work rate is incredible, and with over 20 years of business experience, he is unquestionably a thought leader who needs to be followed!

Twitter: @sawaba

LinkedIn: Adrian Sanabria

Kevin Mitnick- Kevin Mitnick is well-known (or infamous) for breaking into 40 separate businesses. The hacks were carried out for the sake of challenge rather than for malicious benefit. Mitnick, on the other hand, was put on the FBI's Most Wanted List as a result of the stunt. Kevin's unique experience has made him a sought-after public figure in the Information Security industry and the media. Mitnick is the author of many security-related books, including his autobiography about becoming a wanted man, in addition to public speaking. Kevin is one of the most influential and well-known people in the cybersecurity field. He was arrested by the FBI for various computer offenses, and after serving five years in jail, he chose to put his hacking skills to good use by assisting people rather than stealing from them.

Kevin is now the CEO of his own consulting company as well as a cybersecurity consultant, author, and speaker.

Twitter: @kevinmitnick

LinkedIn: Kevin Mitnick


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