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WhatsApp Alternatives 2021

WhatsApp has asked users to agree to or abandon its controversial new data privacy policy until February 8, 2021. WhatsApp has also clarified and provided more information about the new security policy. This move has attracted the favour of many users, and influential people like Elon Musk or Edward Snowden invite users to turn to more private providers.

The developers of WhatsApp, who sold the app to Facebook for $18 billion in 2014, turned their backs on the app. In a 2018 interview, co-founder of Whatsapp Brian Acton said that he sold his users’ privacy to Facebook for a larger benefit.

We've put together a list of the best choices for those who are looking for other options.

Telegram: The messaging software most similar to WhatsApp may be Telegram, which supports many of the same functions as well as some additional functions.

The founder of the telegraph company, Pavel Durov, has frequently opposed WhatsApp, which described it as "dangerous" and claimed that Facebook ownership would never guarantee its security.

In fact, Telegram is a common and recognisable choice for more users with more than 400 million users focused on privacy.


  • Easy to use

  • Open-source software

  • Cloud-based software


  • Data activation is not auto, it must be activated manually

  • Own standard encryption can be created

Signal: Similar to WhatsApp, the signal is open, easily accessible, and can be accessed on all platforms. Compared to WhatsApp, Signal is an open source application which provides end-to-end data encryption, which allows security professionals to find vulnerabilities and errors. This additional protection feature enables other chat applications to provide some features, thereby ensuring their appearance and functionality are more compact.

Signal is popular among all billionaires and insurgents, and there is no doubt that Signal is the safest way to communicate any conventional messaging software.


  • Open source end-to-end encryption

  • Disappearing messages facility

  • Available on all iOS, android and all major platforms


  • No animated emojis

Threema: Threema, a Swiss company, defines itself as the instant messaging platform to generate the lowest possible user data.

Instead of using their own phone number, people may use an 8-digit id to connect to others, while the QR code is used to verify connections.

It offers some non-WhatsApp features, such as loving personal messages and preserving password chats.

However, Threema isn't free to use vis-a-vis the other softwares mentioned here. It may be considered a disadvantage of this software.

Another limitation of another great app is that users can find other people who can connect to Google Play with less than 10 million.


  • Contacts can be verified with QR codes

  • Does not require a phone number

  • Password protected chats

  • Text formatting features


  • No free option. Pay for use

Riot.IM: Riot supports VoIP, video calls, and end-to-end encryption communications. Users can use a single ID. Users with this ID can connect with others instead of using their mobile number.

Riot is working on open source technologies. Riot is better suited to developer teams than to open-source corporate groups. Developers are welcome to modify their specifications. This makes the software more flexible and stable. Riot provides chat rooms where users can join any public chat space. Private rooms with links are also accessible.


  • User can use ID instead of phone number

  • Available in multi-languages

  • Open-source software


  • Encryption has to be enabled manually

Wire: Wire is a mobile chat software with end-to-end encryption secured by European data protection regulations. It provides a free personal account, as well as additional support and resources, and a paid business plan. Wire has direct interaction in voice and video.

Wire provides one-one screen share and group share options. Moreover, the framework facilitates the exchange and filtering of multimedia formats. You can log in from eight simultaneous computers on all major platforms.

Allows users to create chat lists and text format customization. You can arrange to wipe private messages and increase file size and enable quick sharing.


  • Timed messages

  • Ability to use 8 devices at the same time

  • Secure chats

  • Rich conversations


  • Pay for use

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