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TFI Research and PureSoftware Publish the Global Enterprise Hyperautomation Report 2022

The Enterprise Hyperautomation Report 2022 from TFI Research and PureSoftware is the most comprehensive study of enterprise hyperautomation to date. It assesses the state of hyperautomation across 19 industries and 10 geographies, providing a detailed view of how organizations are approaching this transformative technology.

This report explores the following topics:

- The benefits of hyperautomation and how it can be used to drive digital transformation

- The maturity of hyperautomation across industries and geographies

- The challenges organizations face when implementing hyperautomation

- The technologies and tools that are being used for hyperautomation

- The future of hyperautomation and its impact on the enterprise

The report is based on a survey of over 451 business and IT decision-makers from around the world. It includes detailed insights and data from 19 industries and 10 geographies.

Download the report to learn more about the state of hyperautomation and how it is being used to drive digital transformation.


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