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PixelPlex Introduces a Highly Effective and Secure Blockchain-Based Document Management System

PixelPlex launches DocFlow, a Document Management System that’s designed to ease the process of managing documents in a digitalized manner.

New York, NY, March 18, 2021 --( PixelPlex, one of the best blockchain solution providers, recently launched a secure blockchain-powered software called DocFlow, and it’s poised to revolutionize how document management is done. The blockchain-based management system digitizes the entire paperwork cycle. It uses an advanced smart contract mechanism to secure the data managed within the system. PixelPlex carried out a well-detailed analysis of the issues faced by organizations using a traditional Document Management System, with a particular interest in issues centering on security, delays and risk associated with using a traditional document management system. PixelPlex then worked on those issues and developed a digital document management software that proffers solutions to the problems - thereby making business more seamless. PixelPlex has highlighted some of the stand-out features of DocFlow. These features include a user interface that guarantees a good user experience, a web user interface that aids easy administration, a secure API gateway for data access, a server-side database, and, what’s more important, a blockchain network. Since the app is based on blockchain technology, all files managed by the system are secure, timestamped, immutable, and transparent to everyone with access to the system. It is also easy to keep tabs on updated usage and ownership. DocFlow helps users to reduce the cost of Data Management by eliminating third-party services. PixelPlex’s use of blockchain technology also aids a secure customer registration and a decentralized data storage system. Faster document processing, fraud elimination, and increased data protection are goals that PixelPlex has achieved with the creation of DocFlow. The Kafka consensus algorithm helps it to increase the speed with which it validates a transaction, while the hashing, built-in proof-of-origin, and encryption help the company to achieve the goal of making the software secure. DocFlow is suitable for a wide range of industries: real estate, logistics, finance, accounting, supply chain management, eCommerce, healthcare, energy and logistics.

Contact Information: PixelPlex Alexei Dulub +1-646-490-0772 Contact via Email

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