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First Day At Your New Job? Ask these 5 Questions to your New Boss

Have you just started a new job? If so, congratulations! You're off to an awesome start. But don't let the excitement overwhelm you- there are some important questions to ask your boss before you begin your first day of work. It's a big step, taking on the role of an employee, but it is also an exciting one. You'll be working with your new boss to build your career and make a positive impact on the company.

Many people are nervous when they start a new job. You may be asking yourself "What should I say?" or "How do I act around my boss?" Every new boss has a different personality and set of expectations. To have a successful first year as an employee, it is important to know what the boss expects from you.

Start on the right foot by asking these five questions!

#1 What are your expectations for this role?

Your boss should be able to tell you exactly what they expect from you in this new job. You may already have an idea of the types of tasks that will be involved in it, but your boss can give you more clarity on how much time will be spent on each task, which projects will be prioritized, and how your success in the role will be measured.

Your boss should also help you to set measurable goals for your first year in this position so that you can track your progress.

#2 What are the biggest challenges facing this team?

You may have an idea of some of these already, but it is important to know where the biggest obstacles lie within your organization and how you can help to meet these challenges. You should also ask what sorts of decisions and projects will be prioritized over the coming year so that you can get a sense of what is important for this team, department, or company.

#3 What are the strengths and weaknesses of this organization's people and processes?

You should know how your team operates, what its best practices are, and where there might be room for improvement. You may also want to ask about the composition and history of the team so that you can get a better idea of who works on this team and why they were selected. This will help you to better understand the team's perspectives, knowledge areas, and opinions so that you can have a stronger impact.

#4 What are the key priorities for this organization/department/team?

You should ask what projects are being prioritized over others because they represent important business opportunities or problems that need to be solved. This will help you determine how you can have the greatest impact on day one of your new job. You may also want to ask about current challenges that the organization is facing so that you better understand why these projects are important and relevant.

#5 What makes people successful in this role?

You should ask about what it takes to be successful in this position because it will give you insight as to the type of person the interviewer is looking for. Is it someone who works independently or collaboratively? What personality traits and skills do they deem necessary? You can then tailor your answers accordingly during salary negotiations and performance reviews.


If you’re a new hire or an experienced employee, talking to your boss is always a good idea. Whether it’s about what they would like from you in the future or how their expectations of you are changing now that there's been some time for them to get used to having you onboard, these conversations can help set clear goals and establish trust between employers and employee. Here are five questions every person who has just started working at their company should ask their boss as soon as possible--and ones many people don't think to discuss until much later.


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