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Exclusive Interview: SoftwareVerdict's Andrew Jackson Outlines ITL Awards 2024 - A Celebration of Global HR Excellence

Andrew Jackson, Executive Director at SoftwareVerdict, shares insights on the ITL Awards 2024 during an interview with TopCISO. From its impact on global HR community to navigating workforce dynamics, Andrew highlights the transformative potential, a digital-first platform for Global HR and Talent Leadership and Excellence. He underscores SoftwareVerdict's commitment to investing in a global ecosystem, aiming to foster innovation and empower businesses across various sectors.

ITL Awards 2024

Below are the edited excerpts:

Editor: ITL 2024 is distinctive for being entirely virtual. While some might miss the physical aspect of an award ceremony, how do you see this digital-first approach creating a grand celebration?

Andrew Jackson: That's a great point. The virtual aspect allows us to break geographical barriers and celebrate inclusivity on a global scale. We can recognize and honor exceptional HR leaders from anywhere in the world. It fosters a sense of community for HR professionals worldwide.

Editor: Absolutely. And how does ITL 2024 benefit the global talent development and HRD community?

Andrew Jackson: ITL 2024 serves a few key purposes. Firstly, they shine a light on the fantastic work HR leaders are doing to foster diverse and inclusive workplaces. This recognition inspires others and sets a benchmark for excellence. Secondly, by showcasing the award-winning initiatives, ITL 2024 becomes a valuable resource for the HRD community. People can learn from these successful strategies and implement similar programs within their own organizations.

Editor: That's impactful. Looking ahead, what's next for ITL 2024?

Andrew Jackson: We're constantly looking for ways to improve and expand ITL 2024's reach. We're exploring incorporating more interactive elements into the virtual ceremony. Additionally, we're considering ways to involve the global HR community more actively, perhaps through knowledge-sharing sessions and a special edition magazine. The magazine will be a comprehensive resource for HR professionals worldwide. It will feature in-depth interviews with award winners, thought leadership pieces on the latest trends in talent development and HR, and practical takeaways from the winning HR initiatives. We believe this special edition magazine will be a treasured keepsake for years to come.


Editor: That sounds exciting! Andrew, thank you for sharing your insights on ITL 2024. It's truly a celebration of excellence in HR leadership, with a global impact.

Andrew Jackson: Thank you for having me. It's been a pleasure.


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