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DSI Research is now SoftwareVerdict

Boston, MA | 21st February, 2023: Today, Digital Strategy Institute, DSI Research announced that it will be relaunching and rebranding the research division to SoftwareVerdict. The company said that the new name was chosen to better reflect its mission to be a user-insight driven technology solutions marketplace and research platform.


DSI Research has been providing market intelligence, outlook, forecasts and insights since 2012, leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, natural language processing and machine learning algorithms. This will now be combined with a platform that brings together real user reviews, constituting the qualitative and quantitative opinions of individual end-users based on their own experiences with software and solutions vendors.

Andrew Jackson, Executive Director, SoftwareVerdict says: “The decision to rebrand was based on the aim of creating a more comprehensive experience for our customers. We wanted to create something that would be both easy to use and provide accurate insights - while still being authentic and truthful. SoftwareVerdict will be the platform through which this can happen”.

The new platform will add a comprehensive layer of user reviews – ranging from customer and vendor ratings to actual testimonies of software solutions usage – to the already existing offering. Along with this, customers will be able to access advanced analytics that break down key metrics and suggest different courses of action depending on their individual needs.

The rebrand will not impact existing subscription models, and the company will continue to provide the same services as before, with an added user review layer.

With the launch of SoftwareVerdict, DSI Research seeks to revolutionize the way in which software solutions are evaluated and marketed. The rebrand also signals a shift towards a more comprehensive approach that is focused on delivering better value for customers through personalization and insights.

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